Processing visa application, invitation letter and travel permit

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Letter of invitation for Afghanistan visa

  • If you need a letter of invitation for Afghanistan visa so you can get one from Kite Travel Boutique – leading tour operator in Afghanistan (Same Day Service).

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Visa Processing

To improve the service by managing the administration involved in processing Afghanistan visa application on your behalf although we are not part of the visa decision-making process i.e. decision can only be made by immigration officers.

  • We will ensure that all of the administrative tasks associated with processing an Afghanistan visa application are completed quickly and to a high standard. What this means for you is that the immigration officers can focus solely on decision-making;
  • By receiving applications that have already been checked and processed by our Visa Application Centre, immigration officers avoid the administrative delay caused by incomplete and incorrect applications. This means quicker processing times for you and better decision-making by immigration officers;
  • Our Visa Application Centre also extends reach to applicants who live far from Kabul in other cities or abroad. Besides online services, our Centre gives the applicants a face-to-face service in remote cities that would be otherwise unable to support;
  • We will ensure safe passport handling and courier to you at all times.

Travel Permit for Tourists

  • Your visiting Afghanistan, without a valid Travel Permit Letter, results to deportation or confiscation of your passport and fines. Therefore, we recommend travelers to obtain Travel Permit prior to embarking to journey (Priority Service).

Translation & Legalization Services

  • Professional certified translation services from/to Pashtu and Dari to multiple languages with absolute accuracy. A senior reviewer checks that all your requirements have been met at all times;
  • Legalization services including notary services, authentication and attestation of documents and apostille by the designated authority from the country of origin.
Afghanistan Travel Permit for Tourists