BUSINESS SET-UP IN AFGHANISTAN including business license, work permit and Afghanistan visa.

In addition, we have expertise in licensing. Additionally, we have expertise in legality. Moreover, we have expertise in resolving pending process. Furthermore, we have expertise in renewing and follow-up of all government-related and private sector transactions including representation of
proposed corporate travel arrangement facility and its clients in government offices in compliance with
Government rules and regulations in Afghanistan.

Business License

We can assist with your business licensing needs in Afghanistan and take the time-consuming process off your hands.

Our dedicated team will help you with a full range of services from company formation, tax registration and licenses to start with initial application fillings and ongoing license verification and renewal with ongoing legality, resolving pending process, modify, license compliance and follow-up of all government-related and private sections transactions.

Additionally, we offer a complete solution. Moreover, our team of compliance experts will do all the legwork when it comes to researching, filling, and renewing business licenses.

Work Permit

In order to work in Afghanistan, unless you are exempted, you must hold a valid Work Permit.

We can process your application for employment permission with a number of significant benefits:

Faster, easier and secure: to avoid rejection, we are processing your applications error free and providing translation and certification of relative mandatory supporting documents.

Car Hire for Business Use

Rent by the day, year or more, our experience team will tailor to help you manage your business.

  • Multi day armored and soft-skin car hire
  • Single vehicle to entire fleet
  • Specialized bullet proof cars
  • Security, vetted guards, vetted interpreters and vetted drivers provided
  • Meal, medicine and doctor on-board

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