Get to the heart of Bamyan including hiking, visit ancient Gholghola City, Zahak City, Band-e Amir National Park and the Buddhas of Bamyan small-group tour with a local guide and guard “safe travel-by-road”. Taliban guard will carry you in arms and enjoy all-inclusive tour of Afghanistan.

Valley of The Dragon

Just five kilometers to the west of Bamiyan, you’ll discover Dara Ajdhar, also known as the valley of the dragon. Here, the petrified remains of a colossal creature, which once spread fear throughout the region, can be found.

Explore a valley Between Giants

In a hidden corner of central Asia, surrounded by two mountain ranges and four countries, lies the Wakhan Valley. Once upon a time, Marco polo traversed this valley.


Come along with us on a thrilling journey to explore the lesser-known treasures of Afghanistan, a country that is often overshadowed by the renowned Bamyan Buddhas. Let’s delve deep into the unexplored territories and uncover the mysteries that await you.

During this expedition, you encounter residents during our stay in a traditional village accommodation located in the rural areas. As you journey upstream, you’ll encounter some tough terrain that’s inhabited by the Kirghiz people, who call the Top of The World in Badakhshan Province their home. Additionally, you unwind on uninhabited white-sand hills.

Learn about the dark history of the empires and sample tasty street food Manto & Pilaw – Cruise along Pamir rivers in search of birds and wildlife in the Wakhan Corridor and Hindukush Mountains.

Start Your Afghanistan Adventure – Group Tour

You’ll embark on a remarkable journey starting from the timeless city of Kabul and venturing through the enchanting hills of Bamyan. Over the course of seven days, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the highlights of Kabul and the picturesque Paghman Valley. Moving on to the awe-inspiring Buddhas of Bamyan, the breathtaking Band-e Amir Lake, the charming Lal village. Then to the majestic Minerates of Jam in Ghor province, the cozy tea houses of Chaghcharan, and the rich history of Herat province. Finally, you’ll conclude your adventure by returning to Kabul via air travel.

Afghanistan Travel Permit Letter – Same Day Service by Kite Travel Boutique

Tourists must have a valid passport and Afghan visa to enter and exit Afghanistan. In addition, tourists must obtain a Travel Permit Letter issued by the Ministry of Information & Culture in Afghanistan allowing tourists to freely move in Afghanistan.

Letter of invitation needed for Afghanistan visa

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