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It is a privately ownership hotel operator and is already a well-established brand in the hospitality industry in Afghanistan, known for offering best and affordable accommodation.

With 2,840 rooms and 28 listed properties in Afghanistan.

Kite group has expanded into serving guests from more than 43 countries.

Kite planed to add 2,000 new rooms to its pipeline. Kite’s strategy for growing it’s business is still it’s biggest strength.

5-Star Hotel InterContinental Kabul

The five-star hotel Intercontinental is located in the central part of Kabul. It served as the nation’s first international luxury hotel, one of the most visited by foreigners since its opening in 1969 in the rein of Hoes Majesty the King Mohammad Zahir, built by Taylor Woodrow construction from the United Kingdom

With three layers of security, the hotel has 200 luxury rooms and suites and it is equipped with a swimming pool, a gym, a tennis court and four restaurants for dine in or room service.
The hotel is equipped with 6 banquet halls and up-to-date facilities for holding various event like business seminars


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