Glimpses of the best of new & old Kabul city in 1-5 days, tailored just for you, and enjoy this fine city on foot.

“There’s much more to Kabul and Afghanistan than the headlines. It takes while to acclimatise, relax, but is well worth the effort”, according to traveller Jan Chipchase.

Set in a valley one mile above sea level, surrounded by mountains, Kabul, the capital and the largest city of Afghanistan, has been around for over 3,500 years, seeing many conquerors wanting to establish their presence in this valley due to its strategic location between Southern and Central Asia.

At an elevation of 1,790 metres (5,873 ft), it is one of the highest capital cities in the world. Today’s Kabul is the fifth fastest growing city in the world with a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual population of over 6 millions. In the second half of 20th century, the city also gained the nickname “Paris of Central Asia” during them days.

Kabul Walking Tour orientation will guide you through the sites of the city that are still in good condition or have been restored lately, and are within a walking distance from each other.

Arrival – Kabul International Airport (KBL)
Five layers of security, money changers & chai (tea). If your pickup “guide” is holding up a sign with your name on it, then we can guarantee it is him with Kite Travel Boutique’s “Travellers Service Desk” near to the Exit door of Terminal 1.

We will safely pick and transfer you (and your luggage) to the best hotel in city centre to check-in.

What to expect

The centre of this city includes its old neighbourhoods, which include the areas of Kheshti Bridge, Khabgah, Kahforoshi, Deh-Afghanan, Chandavel, Shorbazar, Saraji, Birds Market and Baghe Alimardan. You will also visit Gun & Sewing Machines Market, Money Market, Bala Hisar Citidal, The Great Walls, Shah-e Do Shamshira Mosque, Kart-e Sakhi Blue Mosque, Qargha Lake Reservoir and Paghman Valley at the bottom of Hindukush mountains and more.

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