Mawlana Jalal al-Din Rumi was in one of the great spiritual masters and poetic geniuses of human beings.

He was born in 1207 in balkh, Afghanistan.


“Lose yourself completely, return to the root of the your own soul”

Balkh Tour – The Footsteps of Rumi’s Afghanistan Motherland

2-Day Mazar-e Sharif Expedition

Join us on an epically amazing 2-day journey through northern Afghanistan’s Mazar-e Sharif city and Balkh to explore the little-visited ‘Rumi’s Birthplace’ and the Sufis.
Balkh is located an hour’s drive east of the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e Sharif, home to the famous Blue Mosque, also known as the Shrine of Hazrat Ali.

Walk in the footsteps of the world-class poet and saint Sufi mystic, Mawlana Jalal al-Din Balkhi (aka Rumi). You will visit the teaching complex – the home of Jalal al-din Rumi – which includes a mosque, monastery and religious school, and is thought to be Rumi’s birthplace.

Pay respects at the restored dome of the Sufi’s birthplace before continuing on to other significant sites including the Blue Mosque, Qala-e Jangi, Hazarsum Zaroashtrian site, gold market, Buzkashi Stadium, Balkh historical ruin, Khulm ancient city and Sufis where they began to whirl (Thursdays evening). Discover the history of the whirling Sufis and learn about the culture and tenets of Sufism in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Entry Option 1

Starting from the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul International Airport, we will first make our way up north towards Gulbahar before driving up to the notorious Hindukush Salang Tunnel (Soviet made) into Baghlan Province epicentre of Kushan Empire, then head towards Mazar-e Sharif provincial capital of Balkh province.

Afghanistan Entry Option 2

Starting from Tashkent the capital of neighbouring Uzbekistan, you will first make your way south toward the Termez region before crossing the Hairatan Bandar land border crossing into Afghanistan’s Balkh Province. You will have Kite Travel Boutique’s letter of invitation in hand to attain your Afghan visas at the border crossing.

Once into the country, taking either entry option, our local guide with car will meet & greet you and have a briefing on your itinerary. Then we will head to Mazar-e City to get priory arranged travel permits approved and then head across Balkh province to finally reach the famed surreal birthplace of Mawlana Rumi (aka Balkhi).

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