About this tour

Feast your eyes on stunning scenery on this exhilarating escape to the Top of the World! – PAMIR. Rise to the Top of the World including Hindukush range hiking and visit Pamir highland, Wakhan Corridor and Bartang Valley in far north-east Badakhshan province. Small-group Tour of Badakhshan with a local guide and guard “safe travel-by-road”.

Take Pamir & Wakhan Tour with fully licensed tour operator “Kite Travel” from activities to tours, the best experiences in your destination of choice. Hiking and comping to get at Top of The World. Stroll through the Wakhan Corridor and Bartang Valley to admire the nature.

Should be ‘Badakhshan’ a very beautiful and fruitful tree, ‘Pamir Highland’ is one of its most prosperous branches demonstrating in front of ‘Hindukush Mountain’. Nawshakh could seem like an ordinary mount in Afghanistan; however, you can expect, after the Everest Peak, the second highest peak. Mostly all the time covered with snow, which magnifies its beauty to several times more. Additionally, from the views of its special tourists-mountaineers, Nawshakh becomes even more impressive.

Looking for an unforgettable hiking experience? The Bam-e Donya Hotel has got you covered! We offer long stays in our cozy huts located in the breathtaking Top of the World Pamir and Hindu Kush mountains. Immerse yourself in the epic scenery and rustic environment you crave. Book your stay now and get ready for an adventure of a life time! Your reward will be the breathtaking mountain views, the fresh air and the un-spoilt peace in the nature.

Do this Tour of Badakhshan because

  • Visit Afghanistan Pamir & Wakhan Tour’s main attractions on your own or with a small group tour
  • See the beautiful mountainous sight-seeing located in Pamir
  • Stroll through the Wakhan and Bartang Valley to admire the nature
  • Take some nice pictures from the Pamiri’s settlements
  • Expert local guide with an unrivalled knowledge of Afghanistan and its treasures

What to expect from Afghanistan Pamir & Wakhan Tour

However, tucked away in the remote corners of Badakhshan province lies a hidden gem. A place that may be small and relatively unknown, but its people and their warm hospitality will leave you in awe as a tourist. Moreover, the whole Badakhshan in general, and Pamir in particular, is one of the most exciting places in Afghanistan.


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