We give you access to a hub of 300+ qualified translators

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    We offer high-quality, cheap translation services. Our low, per-word rates are based on the volume and language(s) you need.
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    Professional, accurate and consistent work is completed by certified translators – always.
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  • Experienced.
  • Human translation.

300+ qualified translators
KITE gives you access to a crowd of over 300 qualified translators. Our most highly requested language pairs for translation are between Afghan languages and English, German, French, Danish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish and we offer translation services for a total of over 15 language pairs.

Top class Carer, Top class Assistants

Professional Translation

KITE is one of the leading translation companies in Afghanistan, providing professional crowd-sourced human translation services for a broad range of uses and industries. We help international companies, embassies, UN offices, NGO’s and individuals fuel their global growth.

Certified Translation

KITE is a leading provider of certified translation in Afghanistan.
A certified translation is a translated document accompanied with a signed statement from the translator attesting that the translation is accurate and complete. If you are looking for certified document translation, please contact our sales team.


We have notaries that can legally notarize your document even when you’re physically located outside of Afghanistan.
In addition, we have expertise in licensing, legality, resolving pending process, renew, modify and follow-up of all government-related and private sector transactions including representation of proposed corporate travel arrangement facility and its clients in government offices in compliance with Government rules and regulations in Afghanistan.

Specializes in Apostille, Authentication and Legalization Services

Wide range of documents such as:

  • Birth and Marriage Certificates
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Power of attorneys, Degrees and Diplomas
  • Transcripts, Police Criminal Records
  • Fingerprints, Statement In-lieu of Certificate of Non-impediment to Marriage Abroad
  • And; many more

We also process the copies of any Afghanistan documents that are intended to be used abroad.


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